Have you graduated, gotten your GED, or dropped out of school?

Are you not sure what to do now or how to get a job?

The VISIONS program can help you!


Prestige Medical Solutions is now proudly supporting Middle Earth and their program, VISIONS. VISIONS is a wonderful opportunity for young men and women who need a boost in their lives. A boost which will not only help jumpstart their careers, but also one inspire them to do better.


When you attend Middle Earth’s VISIONS program, the participant will receive $450.00 to attend classes on employment readiness. Yes, YOU will receive $450.00 to attend! These classes will instruct students in what to expect and how to react in order to better prepare them for employment. The classes will also help the student gain experience which will improve their resume.


To be eligible for this work assistance program, individuals must:


  • Be between 16 and 21 years old
  • Reside in Somerset or Hunterdon Counties
  • Be out of school (whether they have graduated, gotten their G.E.D., or dropped out)
  • Be low-income
  • Face one of the following challenges:
    • Disabled (including an IEP or learning disability)
    • Pregnant or parenting
    • Involved in the court system
    • Mental health illnesses
    • Cultural barriers
    • Runaway
    • Homeless
    • Foster child


Upon completion of this program, ask about your opportunity to receive $4,000 towards furthering their education and receive assistance to help find jobs and employment opportunities. This $4,000 can be put towards one of the many courses Prestige Medical Solutions offers. Can you ask for anything better than that?


As you can see, this is an amazing program which we believe can help young men and women find new careers and better themselves. Prestige Medical Solutions is proud to be a partner of Middle Earth and look forward to continuing to work together. If you or someone you know is interested in the program, or just want more information, please contact us:


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