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Since opening our doors in 2011, Prestige Medical Solutions has recognized the invaluable importance of being a top leader in our field. We understand what our customers want, a highly trained staff who was willing to go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. This motivation is why our company always strives to achieve the highest standards possible in this industry, not only to be better than our competitors but to also provide the best training available. Our innovative approach to teaching proves our worthiness to uphold multiple authorizations from various state government departments, and has also given us the ability to certify nationally, which is not a common ability by most training facilities.

As a private vocational school, we have proudly received approval from the Department of Health & Senior Services, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the Department of Education, and many more. We are constantly striving to exceed each of their strict guidelines in order to have the premiere and most prestigious medical training facility in our region. Not only are we certified by these departments, we are awarded certifications by other departments constantly in order to always add to our list of available courses.

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